Monday, October 17, 2016

October Glam Bag Review

It's that time again! The time we get to chat about a little thing called a Ipsy Glam Bag.
Before I get to far into this review I have a something I would like to get off my chest.
When I first saw a picture of what this months bag looked like I was disappointed, and maybe a little upset. Now I usually don't get upset about little things like this and to be completely honest I'm still not quite sure why I did this time. I think its because October is my favorite month and Halloween is my least favorite Holiday. I think it should have been a bit more generic because I know I'm not the only one that doesn't believe in Halloween.
 Okay, just because I don't like this months bag doesn't mean I don't like the goodies that came in it.
Lottie London Eye Shadow Brush- I always love getting new makeup brushes(personally I don't think a girl can have to many). This one seems really nice, the bristles are quite thick and fluffy.
Trust Fund Gimme Good Face Primer- I also used this one this morning, and so far so good! I am not wearing a ton of makeup today, just some concealer, blush and eye makeup.
The Balm Hot Mama! Shadow/Blush-This is the tinniest little product, and for me is way to small to ever use as a blush. I used this as a eyeshadow this morning and really like it, it is a lovely light coral pink shade and is the tinniest bit glowy. I don't normally go for pink eyeshadows but I think I will get quite a bit of uses out of this one.
Tre'Stique Mini Matte Lip Crayon- This lip crayon is VERY pink I would call it a magenta, which was not at all what I was expecting. When you look at the case it makes you think it will be a deep red, and again when you look and the crayon its self, once its on it is a bright purple pink shade.
Sally's Box Aqua Moist Gel Cream- So far this one is my favorite of the five. It has a wonderful cooling feel, it goes on feeling very wet but absorbs very quickly leaving the skin feeling moisturized and happy.

So, overall I am very happy with the  contents of this months bag(even though I don't like the bag itself). I know I will use all of them, except maybe the lip crayon.
As for the bag, it will either be donated or disposed of, as I have no uses for it I see no reason to keep it about.

What do you think of this months bag?
Are you a Halloween fan?
Please let me know in the comments, I love hearing from y'all!
Have a wonderful day!

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