Monday, November 14, 2016

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Review

 Look everybody, I'm outside!
It was such a lovely day when I was taking the pictures for this post that I decided to take them in the out of doors.
I don't think I am a negative person be nature, but if someone asked me to describe this lipstick in one word it would be disappointing. I was so hopeful for this product, I have heard a large number a great reviews and have had it recommended by lots of people. Maybe my hopes were to high, or maybe I just don't know liquid lipstick.

I love the color, it is perfect for this time of year, and it goes on really, but the problems start to raise their less than adorable heads.
Problem 1: As soon as it begins to dry my lips started to feel stiff, dry, and all round uncomfortable.
Problem 2: It sinks into every single little crack on the lips and makes them look wrinkly.
Problem 3: Almost as soon as these lipstick dries it starts to flack, to the point that when I let out a breath, or speak little bits of lipstick scatter into the wind.
Problem 4: It has amazing staying power! This may or may not be a problem for you, but it sure was for me. Once I realized that it was flaking, I decided to remove it, and unless you have a makeup remover on hand this is pretty much impossible, I scrubbed and scrubbed only to have sore red lips and all the makeup from my nose to my chin gone. Not the best look when you are out and about.

Just a little baby rant, nothing to worry about. Its not very often that I feel this strongly about a product. As I said a lot of people do really love this product, so this is just my opinion.

What are you thoughts on this lipstick?
What is your favorite liquid lipstick? I'm on the hunt and in need of some recommendations.