Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Welcome to my blog, 
I'm very new to this so please excuse any imperfections. I want to start out by giving you a list of things you might find me blogging about.
1. Cooking
2. Fashion
3. Beauty
4. Cats
5. Music
6. Books
1. I love cooking especially baking, it I s so much fun, and it's definitely on the top of the list when it comes to my passions.
2. Fashion is pretty self explanatory, what girl doesn't love to feel pretty in her clothes. Dress like every day is a special occasion, that's my motto.
3. Beauty, there's no use feeling good in your clothes if you don't feel good in your skin.
4. Cat I quite simple adore them, they are soft and cuddly and have lots of personality what's not to love?
5. Music is one of God's greatest gifts, it has the power to influence our emotions and touch our hearts.
6. Books are a wonderful thing, they can take me to different times and different places, and are a great substitute for time travel.