Monday, July 4, 2016

Top Five Neutral Nail Polishes

So, if you have ever visited my blog before you probably know that I love nail polish, I mean, I have quite I large and growing collection. When it comes to painting my nail I usually tend more towards brighter colors, but recently I have really been loving more neutral colors. 
each of these it special in there known little way and they fit my different moods perfectly. Of course three of these are Essie, because probably 75-80 percent of my collection is Essie. So it's pretty much impossible to a nail polish post with out at least one.

Penthouse Pink

 This is probably my favorite of the five, at least for right now. I like to use this one on my toes especially, it's such a clean pale pink that it make the nails look very healthy. The only problem I have with this polish is that you have to put the coats on quite thick and let it dry really well before the next one. So I have to sit still for more than five minutes, which I'm not terribly good at.

Need A Vacation

 This is a bit pinker than Penthouse Pink, but goes on a bit easier. It's a lovely smooth pink, it's the same shade as Pepto, but I couldn't highly recommend this for a sick stomach, although it will cheer you up a bit which is always a good thing.

 Bikini With a Martini

This is such a lovely, slightly shimmery polish! 
It has a really pretty glowy look when it catches the light. It does however have a tendency to peel, which makes me quite sad:(  So it usually ends up being a one day polish, or two day if I don't have to work or do dishes.

 Penny Talk

 I have sort of a love hate relationship with this one, I love the color and the metallic finish, but it doesn't last long. The way it look make up the way it lasts, I just put this on my nails as I am writing this, and I still can't get over how pretty this color is. I keep getting distracted by them, THERE SO PRETTY!

Sangria Splash 

This one is a bit darker, for those days I just don't want pinky nails but still want a neutral color. This one like Penthouse Pink, is a bit tricky to get the coats smooth and even.

I am also super excited to try out Essie's new Gel Couture collection, and will be picking one (or two) very soon. 

What nail polishes have you been loving lately?
 Do you prefer bright of neutral colors?
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Have a wonderful Day. 
And Happy 4th!!