Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lumene Cleanser & Toner

Hi guys,
I have recently come across Lumene Finland's products.  I talked about their day cream in my March favs post, but I thought these two needed their own review.
I'll start off with the Bright Touch foaming cleanser. I prefer foaming cleansers as a rule, and I have found that this one is quickly become a favorite. I have been using this cleanser morning and night for about two weeks now, and I have already noticed a difference in the brightness, clarity and evenness of my skin. This cleanser has a light citrusy scent. I only use two-three pumps at a time.
 Now for the Radiant Touch refreshing toner. Firstly it contains Arctic Cloudberry! I had never are heard of cloudberries before I bought this toner, and I thought is sounded a bit mythical, but after a little research I discovered that it is indeed a real berry. You can read a bit more about them here.
The toner it's self is really very nice. It has a nice light scent, and I have found the effects to be as described, which is more than I can say for a lot of products.
So after using both these products for a couple of weeks now, I can whole heartedly recommend these to anyone.
I know Lumene many be a bit harder to get you're hands on than other brands, put if you happen to come across these, I would highly recommend you give them a try.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.