Friday, October 28, 2016

The Fall Favorites Tag

I know I have said it before and I'm sure I will say it again, I LOVE FALL! Pretty much everything about it makes me happy, the crisp air, the smell of the leafs, and the fashion that goes along with it.
So I was thrilled when the lovely Katie of  Beauty From Katie tagged me for The Fall Favorites Tag.
Favorite eye-makeup?
I have been loving coppery and gold shades, like L'Oréal's Infallible shadows in Amber Rush, and in Iced Latte. I haven't actually been using pallets much at all this fall, but I have my eye on a few.
Favorite candles?
I love scented candles, the food scented one most of all, but I actually don't have any right now(what's up with that?), I guess I'm going to have to pick some up right away. Yankee Candle has a Apple Cinnamon one that I adore, and of course anything pumpkin.
Favorite Scents?
I have been mostly using my trusty Wildbloom Rouge from Banana Republic, and I also recently got a mini of Burberry Body with I'm loving. I tend to lean more towards deeper, warmer perfumes in the fall and winter.
Favorite Nail Polish?
It's really a toss up between Sally Hansen's Red My Lips and Essie's Penny Talk. They are both totally different but totally gorgeous.
Favorite lip color?
I'm not big into the super dark lipsticks, I don't wear a lot of reds and berry colors except of A Different Grape by Clinque. I have however been wearing a lot more nude lip shades, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm, and Rimmel Kate in 14 have been my go to lip colors this fall.
Favorite Halloween costume?
My family has never celebrated Halloween, so I have never needed a costume. I have had a couple of birthday costume parties in the past. for my eight birthday I dressed as a medieval princess, and last year my brother-in-law had a 1940s themed birthday party  and I went all out with the Hollywood 1940s hair and makeup.
Favorite accessories?
Oh please don't make me narrow it down!
Lets see, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes( my red plaid pumps to be exact). For me my cloths are more of the accessories, if it doesn't go with my shoes I'm not gonna wear it.
Favorite moments?
There are so many wonderful moments in the Autumn, so its really hard to say which are my favorites. One of the best is on my birthday when my parents, my brother and I,  just go out and do something, whether it be going for a walk by the ocean, or going to the mall and getting coffee at Starbucks.
Favorite drink?
PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! Is anybody surprised? Probably not. I don't think I have gotten anything else at Starbucks in the last two months.
Favorite TV show?
Things aren't very exciting on the TV show front for me right now, my mom and I have been re-watching  Downton Abby, and I'm still waiting for the next season of Sherlock.

Well those are a few of my favorite things about fall.
I had so much fun with this tag, I know so of my answers were a bit boring, but hey they're completely me.
I'm tagging,
Abby from Abby Talks
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Ashley from Blonde Fashion Happy
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