Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beauty Storage Update

I recently heard of  MakeSpace's Store Your Stash Challenge  and of course being me (and loving all thing organization and beauty) I had to get involved. 

MakeSpace is a fairly new company that specializes in helping those of us who have more stuff than places to put it. The thing I think is cool is that they will pick up your stuff and take it to one of there storage facilities, and bring it back again when you need it. They have storage service locations in New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles. I believe they are adding more cities soon, such as Boston, Philadelphia, Maryland, and San Francisco.

I have recently changed the way I store my stuff, so I thought it was perfect time to show you guys. I did a similar post a couple of months ago, but the way I had things at that point weren't working out quite as well as I hoped so I thought it was time for a change.
 I have two areas I want to show you guys, starting out with my dresser/vanity display. 
I am trying to just keep my everyday products here, because it can tend to be cluttered if I don't.
Last week I got this cool little organizer thing, which I am loving right now.
I like that this is so small  yet big enough to hold my brushes, mascara and some bobby pins.

Next I have this little glass, I keep my concealers and eye primer, and that sort of thing in. Yes, this is a juice glass, but I think it looks cute and it works really well.
Next we have this pretty candy dish. I have my lipsticks in here, and so far its big enough. These are just the ones I used most often.
As far as the rest of the stuff goes, I just try to make sure they are standing up right and in some semblance of order

Now for my mass storage, this is where the majority of my beauty products are kept. I have had this organizer for a little over a month now, and I really don't know how I lived without it.
This was about eight dollars in Walmart, its probably not the highest quality thing in the world, but for right now I really don't anything too fancy.

In the bottom drawer I have my hair care products, and hair styling tools, such as my dry shampoos and my curling iron.

In the middle drawer I have all my skincare products, like my sugar crush body wash, and my YesTo face mask.
And in the top drawer I have all the makeup that I don't use everyday, my extra beauty blenders, and my eyeshadow palettes.
I love my little Caboodles makeup case, I think is adorable and it also goes with the colors in my room.

Right now all I have in here is more of the everyday products, like blushes, bronzers, single eyeshadows, and powders.

I did love the way I had my vanity set up before, but now it feels like there is more space there and I don't feel as claustrophobic when I do my makeup in the morning. I also feel like everything is easer to get to, and I don't have to shuffle through a bunch of boxes every time I want to use the curling iron. 

What do you think about MakeSpace?
Would you ever use a company like this to get more organized?
What is your favorite way to keep your everyday beauty products from getting to cluttered? 

I hope you have a wonderful day!