Monday, June 20, 2016

How I Organized My Beauty Products

 Hello everybody!
A couple of weeks ago I posted a bunch of makeup organization ideas, you can find that here. So I thought it was probably high time I did a post about what I have now. 
I have a fairly small space, so keeping things neat and tucked way is a most. At the  same time having things visible helps keep me from just stuffing things in a drawer.
 These cute little jars are on my book shelf, I have one whole shelf strictly for perfume and beauty items.
I think boxes are my best friends when it come to storage, I bought these at HomeGoods and I think they are really pretty. The bottom two boxes are filled with books, the third from the bottom is my hair supplies. The rest it all makeup, except for the one with the handle, which is full of jewelry.

My closet is probably my proudest achievement when I think of  how far it's come. This boxes are fill with things like skincare, nail care, makeup, stationary, and a long list of other things.
I have a ton of fun trying to find new way to use the space I have better. Also I love thumb tacks, they are so handy for organizing when you don't want the commitment of nails.
I know it's simple, but it makes me a bit happier in the space I've been blessed with.

What are you best tips for organizing beauty product? 
I would love to hear you ideas, so please let me know in the comments.
 I hope you are having a wonderful Monday.