Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Christmas Tag

Hello everybody.
I have noticed a lot of bloggers have been doing the Christmas tag, and I thought it looked like it would be a lot of fun.So I have decided to give it a go.
Please been sure to leave a link to you're blog if you did this tag, I would love to read them.

The Christmas:

Q1 what is you're favorite Christmas movie?
My favorite Christmas movie is probably It Happened On 5th Avenue.

Q2 Do you open you're presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Hmmm. It all depends on what's going on, but we usually open are presents on Christmas Eve, and Our stockings on Christmas morning.

Q3  Favorite Christmas memory?
Really? That's not even a fair question. I will have to thing about that for a minute..................................I remember one time when I was about six or seven, my grammie came over to babysit my brother and me while mom and dad went Christmas shopping. And we made gingerbread men, I remember laughing because we forgot to add the ginger to the dough. and then we went ice skating on our pond.
Ahhh those were the days.

Q4  Favorite festive food?

Wow that's a tough question. My Mom makes this wonderful Lemon bread, I don't know what she does to it, but its amazing.

Q5 Favorite Christmas gift?
I have gotten so many great gifts its hard to really chose one. But I think one that comes to mind is the piano I got when I was ten.

Q6 What is you're favorite Holiday scent?
 Cinnamon, and peppermint. Please don't ask me to chose.

Q7 Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
We always have a fancy family dinner usually just the four of us. And We like to take one whole day in our pajamas.

Q8 What tops you're tree?
We don't always have a tree, but when we do we top it with a angel.

Q9 As a kid what is the craziest thing you ever asked for, but never got?
The craziest thing I ever asked for was probably the camper van I wanted when I was 10.

Q10 What is you're favorite part about Christmas?
That would have to be our little family Christmas, with my parents and my siblings.

This was so much fun!
Be sure to leave a link below if you did this tag, would love to read them.